What do you do when you don’t see the truth that you’ve been looking for?

You look again!

I stood there, at the front door

With hands too heavy to knock

It looked like it was timber

But felt like it was rock

I stood there, at the front door

And watched and watched and watched

The doorplate that read “Stranger!”

On a door that still was locked

A part of me was addled

A part of me was sad

A part of me in wonder

Why are these clouds so mad?

In all this introspection

I vividly started to see

That it might look like home

But not like home for me

I looked in through the window

And all I saw was dust

It gusted and then landed

A crust on top of crust

And then it started raining

As if the sky would melt

I knocked the door in haste

Still no voice could be felt

I knocked and knocked and knocked

In all my anxious frenzy

The door had still not opened

The house still won’t attend me

It made me lost and hopeless

I had no cause to stay

So I turned my back and walked

In distress and dismay

A moment passed or so,

I found myself submerged

In water, thoughts and fear

When the world I left reemerged

I heard a squeaking sound

The door was now being opened

My soul escaped in horror

I sighed and then was frozen

I could not see the door

But knew that someone held it

For me so I could enter

But I still could not help it

It made me scared and curious

I turned my back once more

To see who stood behind me

The stranger at that door

As I looked back in hurry

To see who lived this way

In a home so unfamiliar

In a place so far away

I came across a person

Who stopped me dead in tracks

My eyes came out of sockets

And made my core collapse

I still do not believe

The things that I did see

That home, that door, that person

For that stranger was me!